Three Steps to Move Forward One to One

1Step One:
Schedule a Free Get Acquainted Session

If you are curious about life coaching and would like to explore it as an option to rediscover your passion and recreate your life, schedule a free 30 minute session to get answers to your questions and get acquainted with Suzanne. In this session, Suzanne will introduce you to the concept of coaching and explore your fulfillment in six key areas of your life to determine where you are ready to create breakthrough changes. Clients from anywhere in the world are welcome!

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2Step Two:
Schedule a Perceptual Shift Session

In this hour-long session, Suzanne will lead you through a process called the Perceptual Shift Log (PSL). This session will look at a key issue or challenge in your life and explore both inner and outer solutions to determine your next steps for action. This powerful process can then be used as a template to work through any challenge you are facing.

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3Step Three:
Apply for a Coaching Program

To apply for one of these programs, you must have completed Step Two. These programs run 3 months (Bronze), 6 months (Silver) and one year (Gold). We will determine the right program for you in our Perceptual Shift Session mentioned in Step 2 and in accordance with your personal goals and dreams. These programs offer the utmost care for you as my client.

These are commitments designed to bring big results, and only those candidates committed to the process are accepted. The sessions are challenging and may take you far outside your comfort zone (because this is the only place where empowerment happens!). These programs are designed to launch you into partnership with yourself and bring more passion, purpose and playfulness into your relationship(s) and your life experiences. We will accomplish this through clarity, connection, communication and creativity.

These are not one-size-fits-all programs. They are tailored to you and where you are on your path. They are designed to save time, help you see the unseen, and move forward to your goals.

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Coach Suzanne Rose Lubkowski
Suzanne Rose Lubkowski is a heart-based energy healer, transformative coach, change agent and the founder of Empowering Serenity Intuitive Life Coaching. She uses powerful spiritual processes to help her clients gain self-awareness, deep security and achieve greater balance in their lives. One of her clients said, "Suzanne is a true artisan. She has the coaching chops and the intuition to get to the core of what is going on with you. She doesn't settle for superficial, and keeps gently and persistently digging until she hits gold."

Empowering Serenity, located in the Washington, D.C. area, supports clients worldwide and offers holistic life coaching that allows life-changing shifts and manifests positive outcomes with joy and expectancy. With Empowering Serenity, you can soar like a butterfly, one shift at a time!

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